Day 1 of wondercon was so much fun, everyone has been incredibly sweet and friendly so far!

The only bad thing that has happened is that a cosplayer had her brand new tarot deck stolen outside of the convention hall while she was posing for a picture. That kind of thing really isn’t ok and if whoever took it could bring it back by booth #1500 that would be cool.

IN ANY CASE I’m excited for tomorrow and I hope to meet more cute homestucks!

I don’t really personally have much against selling fanart for industry-established IP, I just really want to sell mostly original art again this year and I’m nervous about it not being a good idea, haha.

So, my question is, how often do you guys buy original art as opposed to fanart at conventions? Are there certain things that make you more likely to buy original art? (For example, I’d like to do some Ladies & LGBT centric pieces)


Thanks for watching! I made a lot of progress actually, haha. More than I expected!!

Thanks for watching! I made a lot of progress actually, haha. More than I expected!!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, guys. I’ve been drawing a bit but it’s all on paper and I’ve been a bit too exhausted to work up the energy to scan things.

I’ve also been getting ready to go work at Wondercon this weekend with What Pumpkin! I hope I get to see some of you cute Homestuck fans there <3

I should be posting a lot of stuff when I get back. If you guys are HUNGRY FOR UPDATES, then you should consider following my Twitter or Instagram!

I love your art! Your lines are so free and natural. And the marker really fleshes out your drawings to still make it look quick, but also like a finished work? I don't know, your arts just super great and nice to look at :)

Thank you so much! The markers i got have been so helpful, i’m glad they look good!

Your style to me is one of my favourites! I love love love the way you convey line, whether its thick strokes or thing it always comes off as so interesting and visually appealing to look at and then you incorporate colour and take it to a whole new level of amazing, you have a wonderful grasp of shapes and lighting and your style inspires me a lot!! thank you for sharing your beautiful work with all of us

Omg samm thank you! This is all so sweet and kind ; w ; <333

I'd say your style is really smooth and flowy, cool as heck. I love how many shapes you use too like wowzers. Inspiring. Seeing all your sketches really makes me want to push myself to improve.

I love posting sketches & progress & practice work, that’s exactly the kind of stuff I want to see other people posting more of because I also find it super inspirational! I’m psyched to be a source of motivation, keep up the hard work!!

Your art style: Floating, quick, effortless, light, frosty, flighty.

Ohhhh ty very much anon! I love these words and I love that my art evokes those feelings for you!!

hmm the thing that strikes me most abt your art is maybe that it evokes like that good kind of sleazy aesthetic that you reblog a lot of on ur insp?? and very gelato colours ha ha

OH YES YES hehe i’m so glad, I’ve been getting more and more in touch with my loves and passions and I’m hoping this year is when I’ll REALLY GET INTO IT and start showing my inner fire!! ty <33

sleaze & gelato … a lethal combination….

celebrate good times come on

celebrate good times come on

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